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Airport transfer to the hotel with a tour guide fluent in English and Arabic.

Baku city tour starts at 9 a.m- Visiting the Baku roof, visiting the Dagustu(Highland) park with sweeping panoramas of Baku and martyrs narrow lane that located near flame towers. After that visiting the old city of Baku or inner city, the ancient heart of Baku, a magical maze of narrow lanes and alleyways, visiting the old city “ICERISHEHER”, You’ll pass by the 15th century Shirvanshah’s palace and maiden tower, a unique stone structure. Then we stroll in the section of the world’s longest urban promenade of Baku named National park or Boulevard of Baku. We’ll pass by the little Venice of Baku and next stop is in front of carpet museum which is the home to over 700 handcrafts. Visiting the BAKU BOULEVARDE and Venice of Baku, 1-3 pm lunch at a restaurant, visiting Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center (the most beautiful architectural work in the world in 2015 designed by Zaha Hadid) end of the tour and returning to the hotel.

Second City tour Tour starts at 9 a.m – Visiting the Ateshgah» – the temple of fire-worshippers in Surakhani village is one of the signs of the existence of Zoroastrianism in ancient Azerbaijan. After «Yanar Dag», the place where natural burning gas comes out of the ground caused by tectonic clashed. It is located in Mamedli village. Yanar Dag was mentioned in the ancient historical books since 5th century, 1-3 pm lunch at restaurants, – Tour to Gala, the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Complex. Artifacts from the period between 3rd millennium BC and 20th century AD are stored here. Visiting Baku shopping malls and returning to the hotel.

Transfer back from hotel to the airport

Adventure Info Baku – Absheron Tour

Washed by the waters of the Caspian Sea, the Absheron Peninsula is characterid by its sandy beaches and numerous suburban settlements, as well as its increasing number of hotels, water parks, cafes and restaurants.  The peninsula coveing an are of 8 thousand square kilometers, which there are many historical monuments in Absheron, it is  the “Ateshgah” fire temple , the Round Castle  and Quadrangular Castle  in the settlement of Mardakan, the 14th-century castle in Ramana and others. First place we’ll visit is fire temple. The Temple brings us back to the 17-18 century. It was built by the Indian community of fire-worshippers in Baku. Visit “Flaming Mountain” (Yanar Dag), where you can see a flame of burning natural gas, which in ancient times was considered as a manifestation of divine power. A covered side of a hill with flames looks pretty awesome at night.

If you are in Baku take some time to visit its surroundings. You will enjoy the cozy oriental style absheron villages, ancient towers that the peninsula is rich of, Arboretum in Mardakan where the museum-house of the poet Sergei Yesenin is also located, Yanar Dagh – Mount of burning fires, and also generous gifts that the land of Absheron is full of and the hospitality of the local residents.

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