Shahdag Tour 

Quba is one of the largest cities in Azerbaijan, located 170 km to the north of Baku. The city itself is home to a number of architectural and historic monuments, like the Juma Mosque, Gilgilchay Fortress, and a number of other mosques and mausoleums. 

Many people come to Quba as part of a trip to other parts of the city. Red Town is the world’s last surviving settle, a settlement of Mountain Jews with their own language and culture. Khinalig is the highest village in Azerbaijan. 


   Shahdag is the main part of Qusar. The Shahdag tourism complex, the first ski resort in Azerbaijan, is located in the northeast in Shahdag National Park.  

Today, the complex includes four high-class hotels built-in line with European standards and people continue to come even in summer when activities such as horse riding, quad biking and paintballing are available, or you may simply wish to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

In Shahdag there is everything you need for outdoor activities, there are four convenient and safe lifts, ski and snowboard equipment rentals, there is also a ski school and a variety of cable cars. The winter season in Shahdag begins on the 15th of December and finishes at the beginning of April, depending on snow conditions.

We will meet you at 7.30 am in hotel and tour starts.
Transfer to Shahdag resort and arriving at the valley at 10 am, visiting the Shahdag recreation site, telecabin and entertainment facilities( winter activities like snowmobile, telecabins, ski &, etc..), back to Guba, and break time for lunch at a good forest or local restaurants, visiting the forests of Guba, horse riding, then some rest there & serving tea.

The tour finishes at 18:00 and arrives in Baku at 21:30 p.m and rests in the hotel.

What’s include?

  • Guide service
  • Transfer Service
  • Excursion 

Validity period: 20.12.2019 – 01.03.2020


  • Accommodation Not Include 
  • All Meal & Other any tips

    Type of vehicles used for transportation:

    • Sedan – 110 USD totally  (01-03 pax)
    • Vito (Minivan) – 165 USD totally (04 – 05 pax)
    • Sprinter (Minibus) – 230  USD totally (06 – 14 pax)