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Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The beginning of Formula 1 racing goes back to the European Grand Prix championships which took place in the 1920s. It was in 1946 when the rules were standardized by the International Automobile Federation. The name Formula One refers to the set of rules to which all participants must comply. This was originally known as Formula A. The first world championship race was held in 1950 at Silverstone and the first F1 race took place a month before that at Pau.

Land of Fire Azerbaijan became the newest destination to join the Formula 1 calendar in 2016. City of Winds, Baku has produced the memorable race in recent seasons.

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Baku City Circuit joined the Formula 1 and under the title of the “European Grand Prix”. The track is 6003 km and the circuit is the second-longest on the calendar, the track is also the fastest street circuit in the world, and cars reaching speeds of over 360 km/h. The track laps are 51 and drivers are traveling 306.049 km in 20 turns. The circuit way started from Azadliq Square, then loop around Government House before heading west along 1 km straight of the Shirvanshahs Palace and Maiden Tower, and 2.2 km stretch along Neftchiler avenue back to Azadliq Square. The 2016 European Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race that was held on 19 June 2016 at the Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan. The first race was the 8 round and marked the twenty-third running of the European Grand Prix as a round of the Formula 1 World Championship.

f1 Baku ticket , Baku f1 tours

It was the first time that the race has been held at the circuit and the first time that a Grand Prix has been held in Azerbaijan. The Second race was held on 25 June 2017. This race called ” Azerbaijan Grand Prix”. Daniel Joseph Ricciardo from Red Bull Racing Team won his fifth Grand Prix at the first-ever Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

On 27 April 2018 Azerbaijan was hostage Formula 1 Race. It is Azerbaijan Grand Prix and the race saw similar amounts of drama and enjoying as previous year’s race. Azerbaijan already gains big experience from Formula One Race. It is called “Baku City Circuit”. The race is remembered most notable moments, The one notable moments live between Red Bull drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen on Lap 40, putting both out of the race, and Romain Grosjean crashing behind the resultant Safety Car period.

That year Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes Team took the race victory, and write his name as the winner of Azerbaijan Grand Prix. On 28 April 2019, Azerbaijan was hostage Formula One Race. This race is known as the Formula One Socar Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Azerbaijan Grand Prix was 4th round of 2019 Formula One World Championship, and write as 3rd time that the Azerbaijan Grand Prix had been run as a World Championship. Baku has been part of the Formula 1 World Championship for 4th time. That year also is remembered notable moments and celebrated a very exciting and wonderful view from previous years. Valtteri Bottas crossed the line to take his fifth career victory. He is also a member of the Mercedes Team took victory second time in Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Azerbaijan is preparing for the 2020 Baku City Circuit. The race is held on 04 – 07 June 2020.  the 2020 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix is run along the Baku City Circuit, giving fans a view of modern architecture as well as historic buildings around the industrial city of Baku. Baku will hostage the 5th time Formula One World Championship. You can reserve your accommodation and your F 1 ticket. The sector is the same as in previous years, and the Circuit map is the same as in previous years. We are waiting for F 1 Baku and waiting for your application for accommodation and race ticket.

The Formula 1 Baku Grand Prix is one of the most exciting races on the F1 calendar. Held in the beautiful capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku, it attracts thousands of racing fans from around the world. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this thrilling event, as well as the city of Baku itself.

The Circuit

The Baku City Circuit is a unique and challenging street circuit that winds through the heart of the city of Baku in Azerbaijan. It was designed by renowned circuit architect Hermann Tilke and was first used for the Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix in 2016.

The circuit has a total length of 6.003 km (3.730 mi) and features 20 turns, including a mix of fast straights and tight corners. It is one of the fastest circuits on the Formula One calendar, with cars reaching top speeds of over 360 km/h (223 mph) on the long straights.

One of the most challenging parts of the circuit is the narrow and twisty section that runs through the historic Old Town of Baku. The tight corners and sharp turns require precise driving and make for exciting racing.

The circuit also offers stunning views of the city’s modern skyline and is located near the Caspian Sea, adding to its unique charm.

Overall, the Baku City Circuit is a challenging and exciting track that offers a unique experience for drivers and fans alike. Its combination of fast straights, tight corners, and stunning location make it a highlight of the Formula One calendar.

The History of the Baku Grand Prix

The Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix is a race that is held annually on the Baku City Circuit in Baku, Azerbaijan. The first race was held in 2016 and it has since become a popular and highly anticipated event on the Formula One calendar.

The race typically takes place in June and is the eighth race of the Formula One season. It is known for its fast and challenging circuit, which winds through the city’s historic Old Town and along the Caspian Sea.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix has seen its fair share of exciting and dramatic moments since its inception. In the 2017 race, Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo won a chaotic race that saw multiple safety car periods and several crashes. In 2018, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton took the checkered flag in a race that featured intense battles and controversial incidents.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is also known for its stunning location and unique atmosphere. The circuit offers incredible views of the city’s modern skyline, as well as the Caspian Sea. The event typically draws large crowds and features a range of cultural and entertainment activities for fans to enjoy.

Overall, the Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix is an exciting and highly anticipated event on the motorsport calendar. Its combination of fast and challenging circuit, stunning location, and unique atmosphere make it a must-see for fans of Formula One racing.

Travel to Baku Baku

is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. If you’re planning a trip to the city to watch the Formula 1 race, there are a number of great travel options available. You can fly directly to Baku from most major cities around the world. There are also a number of tour packages available that include tickets to the race, as well as accommodation in a Baku hotel.

Things to Do in Baku

Baku is a vibrant city with a lot to offer visitors. In addition to watching the Formula 1 race, you can explore the city’s many historical sites and museums, including the Maiden Tower and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs. You can also take a stroll along the beautiful Baku Boulevard, which runs along the Caspian Sea.

Baku Tour Packages

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to experience the Formula 1 race and the city of Baku, consider booking a tour package. These packages typically include tickets to the race, as well as accommodation in a Baku hotel. Some packages also include tours of the city and other nearby attractions.


The Formula 1 Baku Grand Prix is a must-see event for any racing fan. With its thrilling street circuit and stunning location in the heart of Baku, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re planning to travel to Baku for the race or just want to learn more about this exciting event, we hope this article has been informative and helpful.