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The pride of “THIS IS BAKU “is that our travelers and guests have so far been very satisfied with our city tours and optional tours services We run the best possible city tours with highly experienced and well-versed leaders in Azerbaijani history and culture. 
Azerbaijan is the modern name of a historical and geographic region on the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. We organize different tours to the Azerbaijan sightseeing place.

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Baku, Capital of Azerbaijan 

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. Baku is growing up fast day by day. Baku is a combination of modern and historical places. Contrast this modernity with our next stop, a guided walk through the medieval heart of the old city – Icheri Sheher. Ringed by impressive stone walls, pierced by massive double gates, the timeless, low-rise buildings here include classic caravanserais, antique bath-houses and traditional mosques with calligraphic facades. Above a colorful trading street, oozing unique atmosphere, we climb to the top of Baku’s oldest and most historically mysterious structure, the Maiden Tower famous for its many stories and legends. The last Old City stop is the Shirvanshahs Palace, mostly built in the 14th & 15th centuries by a dynasty of rulers who shaped the whole medieval history of Baku.

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There are few places on earth where traces of ancient human history are so vividly apparent as at Gobustan. Rocky formations here that once formed part of stone-age cave dwellings are richly inscribed with a wide range of fascinating petroglyphs. Gobustan district distance 66 km from Baku. We organize a tour with a modern car and a good guard. You’ll find depictions of animals, hunting scenes, shaman and group dances. Other symbols have meanings that are subject to debate but possibly represent astronomical and astrological constellations.  

Ismayilli & Lahij

 One of the most beautiful corners of Azerbaijan at the foot of the Great Caucasus Mountains – the land of rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. This village is inhabited by Carpet weavers, hereditary tanners, engravers, potters, blacksmiths, metal and woodcarvers.Wandering the cobble-stoned streets, popping into quaint workshops, and stopping for cups of tea are the village’s real attractions. For many visitors, Lahic still represents the real Azerbaijan in a country that is changing fast.

Shahdag & Laza, Gusar 

Gusar city is the last major settlement in the north part of Azerbaijan. In winter it is a popular ski resort, and in summer – a campsite in the slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. There is an ancient village Laza, famous for its majestic waterfalls, situated not far from the Shahdag Complex. During the winter season, most of the waterfalls are freezing & the government organizes climbing competitions on the frozen waterfalls. The cultural life of this region is very rich.


Gabala City – is the ancient capital of Azerbaijan. Gabala is the eyes of modern Azerbaijan. There are many historic places as Nohur lake, Yeddi Gozal waterfalls Tufandag Ski Resorts and etc. Tour to Gabala will start by picking up you from your hotel. Places that you will visit during the tour. In the vicinity of modern Gabala are the ruins of an ancient city, which is about 2000 years old. The area is rich in nut and chestnut forests, each of which is about 500 years old. Chestnuts blooming in spring are a uniquely beautiful sight.


Sheki is located north-east of Azerbaijan and between of Caucasus mountain. Sheki has a beautiful nature. There is a lot of historical places and one of them is Sheki Khan Saray. Sheki Khan Saray has survived until today.  Sheki was famous as a city of craftsmen and merchants. Traders from all of the countries along the Silk Road used to gather in Sheki, so great attention was paid to the construction of caravanserais. Through the 18th and 19th centuries, 5 big caravanserais were active in Sheki to house all of the travelers passing through. Only two of them have survived.

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