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Reservation of the best hotel in Baku:” THIS IS BAKU” Reserves the best deals in the best Baku hotels, including 5 stars and 4 star-makers in Baku and other Azerbaijani cities. The rest of the “THIS IS BAKU” hotels are the best 4 stars and 3 stars hotels with an excellent location and quality that despite the Great price Guests can easily access to the tourist areas, shopping malls, and attractions. 

The best Baku hotel reservation

Due to keeping our quality level high, we have prevented the entry of some hotels outside the city like other brokerage companies, and we always have the best hotels with different rates in our hotel list, for example, you can list hotels See our company at the bottom of this page, all the hotels on our list have entered the list after 8 years of experience in this field, and they remain on the list after the feedback of the guests, and if at any point of the year, the quality is more stable than the expected level of our guests. Ide will be removed from our list

Guarantee the best hotel price

We are the only foreign broker in Baku that guarantees you the best price of Baku hotels, we always try to balance the balance in this is baku for the benefit of our customers, the best rates of Baku hotels, whether in top 5 star hotels, 4 The star and 3 stars belong to us, all the days of the year except for special days such as Nowruz and summer, the prices of this is baku are fixed and unchanged, Bakugesht team is always trying to be a good service for our dear guests and with efforts The prices will remain constant around the clock

Support and follow up

Support and follow up Our commitment does not end only with the sale and we are by your side in all stages of the sale, when you travel to Baku, our main commitment will begin and we will help you to have a comfortable and very comfortable stay in the hotel in question. Rest assured, we are always by your side during your trip and follow up on your status online and do our best to make your trip a great one. We are the best and only foreign agent in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Whenever you need guidance during your trip, we are here and we will help you.

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Everything you need to know about Hotels

3 Stars Hotels

3-star hotels in Baku are rarely of high quality, but only a few hotels are suitable in terms of quality and price, which you can book through our company.

4 Stars Hotels

4-star hotels with very different price ranges and ranging from normal to luxury, which are categorized in terms of location and access to different parts of the city and facilities.

5 Stars Hotels

Your view of a 5-star hotel in Baku should not be 5-star hotels in neighboring countries, because 5-star hotels are limited in Baku but with quality and location.

Check in time

In Baku, rooms are generally check in to passengers from 14:00, but if you want to early check in your room earlier, you can pay a fee to deliver your room at 6:00 AM.

Check out time

Almost like all international standards, the room delivery time in Baku hotels is at 12 noon, you should have vacated your room by this time and wait in the lobby.

BB & Service

The only service that can be provided in Baku hotels, which we are asked a lot about, is the BB service, and full breakfast, lunch and dinner services cannot be provided at all.

Voucher and receipt

If you book a hotel from us, you will be provided with a hotel reservation voucher, which you can use to pick up your room when you arrive in Baku and present it to the hotel reception.

Baku luxury hotels

Baku has many luxury hotels due to hosting various international events and also being located on a beautiful beach in the Caspian Sea. You can count on us for guidance and selection.

Front beach hotels

Baku has beautiful beaches, but there are limited beach hotels available in this city. We choose the best beach hotels in Bakughest and offer them to our customers.




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Everything you need to know about Baku and Azerbaijan


Your passport must be valid for at least 7 months when entering Azerbaijan, and if you do not have a valid passport, replace it.

On arrival visa

You need a visa for air travel to Azerbaijan and Baku city, but you can get your visa instantly at Baku airport by paying 30 dollars.

Electronic visa

You need an Azerbaijan visa for land and air travel to Baku. Azerbaijan visa is not issued at the land border and you have to get an electronic visa.

Azerbaijani currency

The currency of Azerbaijan is Manat (AZN), which you can buy before your trip, but it is recommended to bring some dollars with you.

The language

The language of the people of Baku Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani Turkish, and people in this city often speak this language, but Russian is also spoken

Time zone

The time zone of Azerbaijan in the world is +3 hours, which means that there is no change in summer or winter hours and it is fixed.

Eating coast

The cost of food is about 30 dollars per person per day and this cost can be higher depending on other things such as the location of the restaurant.

Transportation cost

The cost of transportation in Baku is not very high and it has very economical transportation, you can reduce this cost by choosing the location of the hotel.

Baku weather

The best season to travel to Baku is late spring, summer and early autumn, Baku has cool weather in summer and cold in winter.

Exchange at the airport

It is suggested that you do not do anything in any airport in the world except for the necessary cases, because the exchange rate is much lower.

Airport taxi

Our suggestion is to use Bakugesht transfer service along with the tour, but if you use a taxi, choose carefully and pay close attention to its price.

Covid 19 and PCR

When traveling to Azerbaijan, there is no need to present a vaccine card and PCR test for tourists, and you can travel to Azerbaijan without any worries.

Today the hotel industry is experiencing rapid growth. With the development of airlines, especially budget airlines, more people from all walks of life can afford to travel. Modern hotels are bigger, more technologically advanced, more extravagant and more comfortable. We can see a very beautiful and comfortable hotel now. Tourism continues to evolve day by day, it is influenced by all hotels to improve.  There are many hotel networks in Azerbaijan. The whole world is  also ranked by hotels. You can see different class hotels in Baku. Hotels are located in different parts of Baku. We have seaside, urban and beach hotels. Seaside Hotel situated near the Caspian Sea and in Boulevard Baku. City Hotels are located near the shopping center, parks, sightseeing place of Baku.  We offer any hotel in Baku and we give information to some of them.

Baku’s 5-star luxury hotels, Fairmont Baku, Flame Towers it also boasts a prime location on the Absheron Peninsula, wrapped by the wondrous Caspian Sea. Dagustu park situated near the Fairmont Hotel and you can see wonderful Baku in Dagustu Park. Fairmont Baku is one of the best hotels in Baku and You have to choose Fairmont because it has a wonderful view of the Hotels.

Baku’s other 5-star luxury hotels, Boulevard Hotel is located in the heart of Baku White City district along one of the main routes, connecting the city center, the hotel is the largest conference hotel in Azerbaijan. Baku White City is one of the modern world’s largest urban development projects in a former industrial area. Guestrooms at Boulevard Hotel Baku boast floor-to-ceiling windows with unobstructed views of the Caspian Sea, comfortable bedding to provide high comfort for our travelers. 

Baku’s 4-star hotels, The Ramada Hotel, Baku is the perfect destination for a holiday or business trip with ideal location minutes from the city and moments to the beach. Our accommodation includes a choice of 79 rooms and suites blending comfort and convenience in a contemporary setting. Our hotels features a large and well-equipped SPA & FITNESS CENTER offering everything you need to relax and rejuvenate.

We constantly strive to make your living comfortable and enjoy your time. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Baku.

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