This is Baku Tours – If you’re planning to travel to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, you’re in for a treat when it comes to food. Baku is a melting pot of flavors, where Eastern and Western cuisines come together to create unique and delicious dishes. In this article, we’ll take you on a culinary journey through Baku’s food scene, from traditional Azerbaijani cuisine to modern fusion dishes. Wikipedia

Baku Food: Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine

Traditional Azerbaijani cuisine is a combination of various cooking methods and flavors influenced by the country’s geography and history. Here are the different sections of traditional Azerbaijani cuisine:

  • Meat dishes:

Meat is an essential part of Azerbaijani cuisine, and dishes made with lamb, beef, and poultry are common. One of the most popular meat dishes in Azerbaijan is plov, a rice dish made with saffron, meat, and vegetables. Another traditional Azerbaijani dish is kebab, which is made with marinated meat (lamb, beef, or chicken) grilled on skewers and served with grilled vegetables and flatbread. Other meat dishes in Azerbaijani cuisine include qovurma (meat stew), bozbash (meat and vegetable soup), and chikhirtma (chicken soup with yogurt).

Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine

  • Stuffed dishes:

Azerbaijani cuisine is famous for its stuffed dishes, which are made with vegetables or grape leaves filled with meat, rice, and herbs. One of the most popular stuffed dishes is dolma, which can be made with either grape leaves or vegetables such as eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes. Another popular stuffed dish is badimjan dolmasi, which is made with eggplants.

Baku Food: Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine

  • Dairy products:

Dairy products play an important role in Azerbaijani cuisine, and yogurt and sour cream are commonly used in many dishes. Azerbaijani yogurt is known as qatiq, and it’s thicker and more sour than regular yogurt. Qatiq is often used as a condiment for meat dishes, or it can be served as a side dish with herbs and vegetables. Another popular dairy product is ayran, which is a refreshing drink made with yogurt, water, and salt.

Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine

  • Bread:

Bread is an important staple in Azerbaijani cuisine, and there are many different types of bread in Azerbaijan. One of the most popular types of bread is tandir bread, which is baked in a traditional clay oven called a tandir. Tandir bread is soft and fluffy, with a crispy crust, and it’s usually served with meat dishes or yogurt. Other types of Azerbaijani bread include lavash (thin, flatbread), katyrma (layered bread), and sheki halva (sweet bread with honey and nuts).

Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine

  • Sweet dishes:

Azerbaijani cuisine has a variety of sweet dishes, including baklava, pakhlava, and shakarbura. Baklava and pakhlava are sweet pastries made with layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and honey syrup. Shakarbura is a sweet pastry filled with ground almonds, sugar, and cardamom. Azerbaijani sweets are often served with tea or coffee.

In summary, traditional Azerbaijani cuisine is a rich and flavorful combination of meat dishes, stuffed dishes, dairy products, bread, and sweet dishes. If you’re traveling to Baku, don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the traditional Azerbaijani dishes and experience the unique flavors and cooking methods of this fascinating country.

Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine

Another traditional Azerbaijani dish is dolma, which is made with grape leaves or vegetables stuffed with meat, rice, and herbs. Dolma is a popular appetizer in Baku, and you can find it in many local cafes and restaurants.

If you’re a meat lover, you have to try kebab in Baku. Azerbaijani kebabs are made with lamb, beef, or chicken and are usually served with grilled vegetables and a side of flatbread. You can find kebab in many street food stalls and restaurants around Baku.

Baku Food: Modern Fusion Cuisine

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is known for its traditional cuisine, but in recent years, the city has also become a hub for modern fusion cuisine. Modern fusion cuisine combines elements from different culinary traditions, resulting in unique and exciting flavors.

One of the most popular modern fusion restaurants in Baku is Chinar, which serves a mix of Azerbaijani, Turkish, and European dishes. The restaurant has a stylish and modern interior, and the menu features a wide range of dishes, from grilled meats to seafood, salads, and desserts. The standout dish at Chinar is the lamb chops, which are marinated in a blend of spices and served with grilled vegetables.

Baku Food: Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine

Another popular modern fusion restaurant in Baku is Art Club Restaurant, which combines Azerbaijani and Mediterranean flavors. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of dishes, including fresh salads, seafood, and grilled meats. One of the most popular dishes at Art Club is the lamb shank, which is slow-cooked with spices and served with a side of creamy mashed potatoes.

One of the most unique modern fusion restaurants in Baku is Nargiz, which combines Azerbaijani and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant’s menu features sushi rolls filled with Azerbaijani ingredients such as lamb and herbs, as well as traditional Japanese dishes like ramen and tempura. The standout dish at Nargiz is the lamb gyoza, which are dumplings filled with minced lamb and herbs and served with a spicy dipping sauce.

Overall, modern fusion cuisine in Baku offers a unique dining experience that combines traditional Azerbaijani flavors with elements from other culinary traditions. Whether you’re looking for a stylish fine dining experience or a more casual meal, there are plenty of modern fusion restaurants in Baku to choose from. If you’re traveling to Baku, make sure to try some of the city’s modern fusion cuisine and experience the exciting flavors and culinary creativity of this vibrant city.

Baku Food: Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine

Baku Food: Where to Eat

If you’re looking for a traditional Azerbaijani dining experience, head to one of the many local restaurants in Baku’s Old City. These restaurants serve authentic Azerbaijani dishes in a traditional atmosphere. Some of the best traditional Azerbaijani restaurants in Baku include Firuze Restaurant and Mugam Club.

If you’re in the mood for modern fusion cuisine, head to one of the trendy cafes and restaurants in Baku’s city center. Some of the best fusion restaurants in Baku include Chinar, Xalq Bank Restaurant, and Art Club Restaurant.

Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine

Baku Food: Where to Stay

If you’re planning a Baku tour and looking for a hotel that’s close to Baku’s food scene, we recommend staying in the city center. The city center is home to many trendy cafes and restaurants, as well as some of the best hotels in Baku.

Some of the best hotels in Baku city center include Hilton Baku, Fairmont Baku, and Four Seasons Hotel Baku.

Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine


Baku’s food scene is diverse and delicious, with traditional Azerbaijani cuisine and modern fusion dishes coexisting in harmony. If you’re planning a trip to Baku, make sure to try some of the local specialties, such as plov, dolma, and kebab. And don’t forget to explore the city’s trendy cafes and restaurants for a taste of Baku’s modern culinary scene.